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Monday, 6 January 2014

Total Conquest Tips for Starters

Here we at Appsgoer compiled a list of tips for starters of Total Conquest Hack Free. Hope it helps.

1. Is victory close, but not quite reachable? You can call for reinforcements, or use potions to ensure your success.

2. Is the campaign not offering the kind of challenge you expected? You can always try your might against other players.

3. The Forum building allows you to join a Legion, from which you can receive reinforcements and other benefits. There is strength in numbers.

4. Place two fingers on the screen and drag vertically to modify the viewing angle.

5. The way to a flourishing Province is a healthy economy. Build and upgrade Farms and Villas if prosperity is your goal.

6. Improving a unit at the Blacksmith also increases its price from that point onwards.

7. Units which are deployed on the battlefield will not return to your Province. They earned their freedom in battle.

8. Each unit type has its own strengths on the battlefield. If a situation seems very challenging, try approaching it with a different roster.

9. Don't be afraid to use potions--they can often turn the tide of battle!

10. Want your troops to deal more damage to the enemy? Try upgrading their skills in the Blacksmith.

11. Short on funds for that awesome upgrade? Resources can be plundered from both Campaign and PvP battles.

12. Units received from other Legion members cannot be assigned to the Militia; they can only be used while attacking.

13. You can double-tap buildings such as the Barracks to directly open their main interface.

14. A more detailed game guide can be found under Options->Info

15. Some Units and towers have a minimum range where they can fire projectiles. The Cloud Buster, for example, cannot attack units which are engaging it in melee.

16. Victory is achieved in each battle when you have earned at least one star. This is awarded when you destroy the enemy's City Hall or more than half of their buildings.

17. The speculator unit can tread lightly around traps without activating them.

18. Villa and Farms will stop producing if their internal storage is full--be sure to collect from them regularly.

19. Touch and hold a building to start moving it.

20. Dolius Obturaculum--the failed artist--is terrorizing the empire with his botched works. If stonework appears overnight in your city, it's surely his doing!

21. Blessings from the Temple can have a significant effect on the battlefield. Use them to your advantage, and watch out for enemy Temples.

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