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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Kickboxing: Is It Too Violent For Kids?

In the past few years towns such as Astoria have seen a surge in the number of children who have come out to sign up for kickboxing classes. This trend has been very popular in boys and girls and in kids of all ages and backgrounds. However, there are many parents who find themselves understandably concerned regarding this kickboxing trend and who wonder if this type of extra curricular is too violent for their children. This is an understandable concern for any parent to have and it is one that parents will be happy to find is not grounded in truth or reality. The reason that some parents think that kickboxing is too violent is because they have misconceptions about what kickboxing really is and what it really teaches based on what they see on TV. Here are some of the truths that parents can enjoy learning about Kickboxing Atlanta so that they can see just how violent-free this solution really is.

First, you should know that mixed martial arts, whether its kickboxing or any similar form of martial arts is the most effective form of self defense training used in our world today. The focus of these kickboxing classes is never to teach fighting it is to teach self defense. These classes are designed to teach keeps about self defense and about self discipline and to help be confident kids that will grow into confident adults. Is so self defense based that it is not violent and it in no way supports or condones violence in any way.

What many parents will learn from the moment that they enroll their little one into a kickboxing class is that their children are actually going to be less violent then other kids their ages. This is because in their kickboxing classes they learn to respect martial arts as an ancient art form. They also learn that any form of martial arts is only to be used as a self defense mechanism. Also any teacher who teaches this form of martial arts will also emphasize that no moves learned inside the training facilities should ever be used outside of training. Due to the fact that kickboxing classes focus so much on discipline, self control and respect for others, these children look at €fighting' in a completely different way than kids who just see kickboxing on television.

The result is less violent kids who are less likely to engage in any type of fighting, less likely to be violent individuals and less likely to see fighting in television or on video games as a form of entertainment. This is why many parents find that signing up their kids for kickboxing class actually has the reverse effect when it comes to kids' relationships with violence.

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