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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pet Sitting as an Occupation

Pet sitting for particular folks is a good job, for others it would be wholly inappropriate. A good quality pet sitter must love animals, all animals. It is not just a requirement, it ought to be a natural love. Whether it is a cat, dog or an animal which some folks may have a irrational fear about. Classic animal issues for potential pet sitters are scorpions, spiders, reptiles and snakes. Luckily these animals have need of negligible and infrequent care but, as a pet sitter, you will still need to nourish and water them. At times the owner may demand the pet sitter to give to eat tiny living animals to the pet. Other difficult animals which cause possible issues for pet sitters include rats, "I don't like the scaly tail", or "They always urinate on me." This is compounded as the rats love frequent fussing and handling.

The need for pet sitting is usually centred around the chief holidays of Christmas and school holidays, chiefly the summer vacation. There is also a demand for pet sitting atlanta at weekends all through the year. Due to this seasonality, pet sitting businesses habitually want the pet sitter to do regular dog walking in addition which is something that is needed all year.

Dog walking with a good quality pet sitting company will restrict the maximum number of dogs to four or fewer. Whilst it requires a sound level of fitness, most pet sitting businesses will require you to be able to do one dog walking session a day as a bare minimum. Normally, dog walking sessions are popular in the morning and evening, with a midday session for once a day dogs. So that is a couple of one hour walks. One advantage is that dog walking is one of the best exercises around and in addition you will be paid to do it! Depending on your mass and height, dog walking will burn more or less 300 calories per hour. The downside is that you will have to go dog walking come rain or shine. Good companies will give you T-shirts, sweaters and all weather protection for dog walking. This is a mutual benefit, as the gratis clothes are great marketing. Dog walking is great marketing for their pet sitting services. However, these clothes will not be worn when pet sitting, as it could make known that there is someone away on holiday. Conversely, one of the advantages of pet sitting, with someone entering and exiting and doing other small tasks such as emptying the mail box, reduces the likelihood of a housebreak in.

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