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Monday, 11 May 2015

Goa Holidays: Special Tour Packages

Goa has turned out to be the hottest destination in India in recent years. And it is absolutely justified in its claim. The natural beauty and the vast seascape that enthralls the visitors in Goa cannot be completely expressed in words. Its rich colourful heritage buildings and the easy going life style of the common people make Goa an interesting place to spend the summer holidays with lots of fun and thrill.

There are several Goa holiday package that are offered by various travel agencies. Among them the has some of the best packages. Goa exists along the western coastline of the Indian peninsula. It has its border with the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka on its northern and southern extensions respectively. The state of Goa with all its exotic sea beaches stands face to face with the Arabian Sea on its western side. Some of the best holidays in Goa are Goa holidays. With its sun, sunshine and smiles Goa holidays offer a life time of memorable experiences.

The sunshine beaches clustered with vibrant colorful hubs on the shores and the distant blue horizon along the coastline allows the tourist to sit and relax for hours. It is for these reasons that people has nicknamed Goa as "Tourist Paradise," "Rome of the East", and the "Pearl of the Orient". For any tourist in India Goa travel is a must. Right from cheap holidays Goa to expensive as well as exotic holidays; you can enjoy every kind of Goa holidays.

Goa also lures the tourist for its traditional hospitality and historic churches as well as colonial buildings. It was once the colony of the Portuguese explorers and the architectures around all over Goa provides ample examples of that long lost age. The online site india showcases all the details with images of Goa that are beautiful enough to attract the tourists from all over the globe. Goa can be a great place for holidaying and is a heaven for the couples who want to spend their honeymoon on a sea beach.

The best time to visit Goa, for enjoying the holidays is during the month of October to May. The India travel site offers quite a few travel packages. There is one comprehensive plan which allows a person to tour almost entire northern India along with Mumbai and Goa. The other plan offers holiday package during the carnival time in Goa. Whatever be your choice when in Goa do not forget to go for an ayurvedic massage that is one of the best in the country.

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