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Friday, 15 May 2015

Creating a Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio is a beautiful setting for an outdoor water fountain as the water element breaks up the sea of stone and creates a focal point. This, or any other, focal point will catch the eye to it and will be the highlight of your patio. Flagstone also creates a pleasing backdrop for pots and planters in modifying height, shapes and sizes that are filled with greenery. Garden pathways lead your guests from the patio to the rest of the landscape, thus finishing off the flagstone patio design. Paths create interest and direct the eye across the green expanse of a yard. Flagstone is especially suited as a material choice for pathways.

In geological terms, flagstone belongs in the sandstone family. It is hard and relatively thin, making it a rugged, ready-made flooring choice. It comes in irregular shapes thus adding texture and interest to whatever space it covers. In fact, the laying flagstone has been likened to putting together a puzzle. Its fine-grained surface contains flakes and specks of mica, which makes it glitter and glimmer when the light catches it just right. Sometimes called bluestone or freestone, flagstone also works well for a retaining wall, built-in seating and planters.

On how to lay flagstone, the first thing that you are going to want to be aware of is the level of the ground. You want to make sure that when you lay flagstone that you have a slight runoff for water to go when it rains. Do this by creating a slight, very slight decrease in depth on one side of the flagstone patio. By adding some masonry sand or concrete to one side, you should have successfully made it easy for water to runoff the patio. The next thing that should be done when laying flagstone in to consider the ground that you are going to be working with. The sun can have a big impact on how long your flagstone will keep its color and look. If the patio is facing the sun for a long period of time, it may be important to provide some type of shade. This can be done with an umbrella or any type of cover.

Another flagstone patio design that most people like is using slabs of different style flagstone. This gives the flagstone an irregular look and really stands out from everything else around it. You can choose from horizontal or vertical patters, or even use a variety of different colors that blend well together. The last design is can be used for a flagstone wall or house siding. You can find flagstone rocks that will give your house or wall a more structured look.

When looking at flagstone patio pictures, you will see a variety of colors, shapes, size, depths etc. Some pictures will almost look untrue because you really don't think that someone could actually build something of that nature. In fact, the pictures that you see on the internet are real and they are amazing. If you haven't taken the time look at some, look at them now, you will be amazed.

If you have already search a few flagstone walkway pictures then you have an idea of what you would like to have installed. The best part is, now you have the hardest part out of the way. People will take months choosing for the perfect flagstone. Once that is over with, you can now start installing. Take the time to read a few information guides on how to lay flagstone and you will be well on your way to re modeling your home into a great looking flagstone patio.

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