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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Blog Traffic Tracking - Making Sense of Stats

With the new age of blog marketing it is even more important to see were your traffic is coming from. Tracking your blog traffic can be an easy task if set up right. I will discuss blog traffic tracking along with making sense of the Track Your Stats. Let us look at three different tracking methods.

Blog traffic tracking from Google webmaster tools. Still the best free tracking is from Google©. Google Analytics© is a complete traffic tracking system that is totally free, and easy to set up. All that is required of you is to place a snippet of code in your blog. If you are not familiar with editing your blog pages then it can be performed by your website administrator.

Once the tracking code is installed, information will be collected for all aspects of your blog including ecommerce information if you so desire. It is totally up to you, what you want to keep track of.

If you are using Cpanel from your web hosting company tracking is provide through Awstats or Webalizer. Many web hosting companies are providing you with valuable tracking means through Cpanel. My hosting company provides me with both mentioned tracking services which are included with my hosting package.

Tracking plug-ins available from WordPress. There are several tracking plug-ins available from WordPress that will automatically track your visitors coming to your blog. Valuable information will be given on every aspect that you will need to analyze your data.

Learn how to make sense of your traffic stats. The most valuable aspect of traffic stats is learning the characteristics of your visitors. Each person who comes to your blog has found your site my one of three methods; search engine, referring site, or direct traffic.

A person that arrives at your blog by a search query has typed in a search term looking for certain information. What is important about this is that a keyword that was used to search, is relevant to your site because of a keyword embedded somewhere in an article or information on your blog. This is a very important to know because you want this traffic, this is usually free traffic. A person who finds your blog because of a referring site is usually traffic coming from advertising or your article marketing efforts.

Another important stat comes from page views, or what pages people are referred to. Sometimes called entry pages, pages that your visitor is referred to, can tell you what pages are getting the most traffic. By knowing this you will know what information is important to them.

One stat, which is sometimes overlooked by blog site developers, knowing what type of browser your visitors are using. Why is this important? When building your blog you can adjust your blog by making the design work for most of the browsers that your visitors are using.

You can also know what country your visitors came from, why is this important? If you are getting people from a non-English speaking country, you might want to add a translated page to your blog site.

Tracking your site visitors is more than just adding a tracking service. It is taking the data collected to enhance your visitor's site experience. As you become more aware of the actions or characteristics of each person that comes to your blog, you can add content according to their wants and needs. Making your blog more user-friendly should be your main goal to keep getting your visitors to come back.

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