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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

SugarCRM Predictive Dialer

SugarCRM is a trusted contact relations management software program that is used by companies like ThyssenKrupp and Hillel. With a convenient mobile app that quickly connects you to your client and organization information, this cloud-based CRM solution allows you to work through your sales and project goals while in the office or on the go.

SugarCRM has most of the functions you would expect from CRM software. You can import data from any existing file into SugarCRM Predictive Dialer. It has email integration that allows you to email clients from right within the application without needing to open an additional program and toggle between the two. The customer account portals let you record and keep track of all client interactions, including timelines. You can upload documents, such as user agreements and invoices, and attach them to client profiles so they are easily accessible later. SugarCRM has real-time sharing, so multiple department and employees can connect to the same client portal at the same time, even if the information needs to be accessed for difference projects or activities.

One tool that is not included with SugarCRM is a dialer. This means you can't connect via telephone from right within the application as other CRM solutions allow. You can still use your own phone and input notes and other information into SugarCRM as you talk with clients and vendors.

SugarCRM includes sales and marketing solutions as part of its CRM software. This program helps with sales collaboration and order tracking, and it generates sales quotes. With all the information it can store, SugarCRM is also able to create in-depth reports so you can better forecast the success of various marketing campaigns or see the sales success of your teams. SugarCRM does lack some tools, such as competitor tracking and the ability to create and send email marketing campaigns.

Many of the tools included with SugarCRM double as a great way to keep track of your employees' workflow and performance. You can use this software to see which projects each employee is assigned to and follow his or her interactions with your clients. The document management features let you upload and create a knowledgebase so your employees can review company policies and procedures, which helps reduce costly mistakes. SugarCRM also lets you create individual employee profiles and create a company-specific social network so everyone can see the accomplishments of each worker or team.

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