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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Stencil cutting expanded at Photo Stencil with laser cutting machine

Photo Stencil LLC has expanded its capacity and process capabilities with the purchase of a Tannlin TX stencil laser cutting machine with automatic optical inspection. The purchase is part of Photo Stencil's strategic plan to drive technology and continue its growth in the solar, semiconductor packaging, and printed circuit board industries.

Photo Stencil, a full-service provider of high-performance stencil cutter and tooling, has a 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Colorado Springs in addition to facilities in Mexico and Malaysia. Upgrades are being made throughout the operation. The company has recently filled several key positions to support growth and is continuing to search for supremely talented people.

"Photo Stencil acquired the Tannlin laser cutting system as part of our strategic growth platform," explained Neil MacRaild, CEO and president. "We have increased capacity and capabilities globally and have the systems in place to continue our leadership in generating products in electroforming, chemical etch, and laser cut stencil technology."

The Tannlin TX stencil laser cutting machine was purchased to increase capacity and overall capability. It has a solid state fiber laser, which reportedly has the highest possible beam quality available in any laser of this wavelengthand power. Data is taken directly from the Gerber file so what is seen on the CAD is what you get at the laser. The machine simultaneously cuts and provides 100% inspection of every aperture cut, so in the time it takes to cut a stencil, every aperture is also inspected. Not only is the process faster, but every stencil is guaranteed to be perfect, says the company.

"Photo Stencil has been a customer of Tannlin for a number of years as they have our laser cutting machines in their Malaysia facility," said Fraser Shaw, founder and director of technical sales and marketing, Tannlin Ltd. "We've always been impressed with the technology developments and industry leadership shown by Photo Stencil. I know our new TX platform will improve Photo Stencil's laser cutting process, increase capacity, speed throughput, and expand their capabilities for producing next generation products."

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