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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Learning Magick

Of all the arts, the one with the worst reputation is magick. You may have wondered why the, €k€ is being tacked on to the end of the word magic here. This is a convention that was adopted some time ago to distinguished between stage magic, which is trickery for the purpose of entertainment, and ritual magick which is the art and science of using the will to cause change to occur in the world. Magick is a way to use belief to harness the power of the consciousness. By definition, every ordinary daily activity that you perform is a magickal act. The cause of the act is your intention to perform the act. In other words, magick is a consequence of the will. Magick is not solely within the realm of the supernatural; rather, magick is an everyday occurrence. Whenever you choose to do something and then do it, you are performing magick power ebook. An effective practitioner of magick looks at the big picture of their lives to decide how to best use magick to serve their interests. Believe it or not, the setting of goals is a magickal act.

Many think that you can just cast a spell and everything will work out. This may be true after many years of practice but not for someone new to the art. Those with experience know that for a magickal working to produce results, the adept must target the specific as opposed to the general. In other words you don't go and perform a spell to, €become rich€ because that will never work; it is too vague. Instead, you would decide how much money you need at any given moment and do a spell for that exact amount, or you could decide what your ideal job would be and cast a spell for that, or you could cast a spell for success in starting a new business. The point is to be specific. The results will most likely trickle in a little at a time in a seemingly natural but coincidental way.

No matter what kind of ritual you do or what tools you use, the power comes from you, not from what you are using to achieve your ends. These items and procedures are only to focus the attention of the magician; they are just things. The magician utilizes these things to reintegrate with his or her higher self. This is the goal of the magician. The higher self is the magician's conduit to the rest of the universe.

There are those that would say that magick only seems to work because if you tell someone that you have cast a spell on them, they will cause the results themselves in a kind of self fulfilling prophecy because of their belief. Not all results can be explained this way though, because as anyone who has seriously practiced magick can tell you, if you know what you're doing the results will come even if you're the only one who knows what is going on.

Lastly, you can't have a conversation about magick without talking a little bit about good and evil. In magick good and evil fall into the realm of white magick and black magick. White magick is about doing good things and creating. Black magick is about doing bad things and destroying. Here's the thing though€¦there is no white or black magick; there is just magick. The only true good or evil is in the heart of the magician, not in the magick itself.

No matter what ritual you do or tools you use in your rituals or whether your intentions are good or bad, the key to success in magick is to use what is at hand to focus strongly on a specific outcome.

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