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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Marketing Through Social Influencers

Marketers have long awaited exact solutions and strategies for success, but studies remain abstract about what works and what does not. Several factors are involved in influencing behavior, some of which are highly dependent on timing, situation, product or service, location and most importantly, the individuals themselves. Personal traits and characteristics of marketing professionals are now more important to customers than before, when all customers were interested in was the product.

Incidentally, social media is one of the prime influencers today, that affect sales and business growth and through brand association. For instance, a customer who would be interested in purchasing a particular product would first want to see which company has produced it. The brand is the influence. However, what instilled the customer to decide whether or not to purchase the product may be for both intrinsic and extrinsic causes. Popularity is interrelated with marketing. Take any factor into consideration or any line of work. Entertainment, for example, is one of the strongest influencers that affect one's lifestyle.

One is inspired into action and developing habit, regardless of how they benefit. There is weight loss that is encouraged by abnormally thin models to such an extent that teenagers suffer from anorexia as a consequence. On the other hand, there are those who have turned to exercise and healthy eating. One can deduce from this that influencers are both positive and negative, and it is one's individual personality that is the deciding factor of which course, or person to choose to emulate or be influenced by.

Such conclusions are formed only after a careful research analysis, but since social medium is still in its primary phase of development, it is uncertain just how predictable human behavior can be. One such research was recently reported by Time magazine. The survey was undertaken by New York University in the form of a Facebook app. The only weakness in the study was the sample size. Considering the almost 900 million users, just 1,000 volunteered for the study. Nevertheless, the revelations were interesting and confirmed previous findings. Of these were that most Social Influence are married, older, and male and tend to be €clustered' with other influence groups.

Other factors that have been revealed through social media interaction are that friends may not influence as much those one spends most amount of time with. Companies such as Klout have stepped forward in an effort to measure online influence. High points are perceived as reward incentive for influencers and for businesses to pick out the most influential to represent their firm as brand ambassador.

While influence data and measurement of popularity is debatable, it is not uncommon to see celebrity videos becoming viral compared with others. Ultimately, how one uses social medium determines whether they are €influencers' or susceptible to influence. Perhaps Facebook applications could reveal a lot more than what is obvious information on Fan Pages and €likes.' The genre one selects, the extent to which they are used and who they €share' convey more personality traits than meets the eye.

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