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Monday, 9 February 2015

Creating New Looks As a Boots Hair Stylist

As a Hair Stylist at Boots, you have a unique opportunity to share your knowledge with the customer. Often, you'll meet individuals who are stuck in a hair rut, having worn the same style for years. Others might be open to change, but find themselves bewildered by the huge range of hair products available. It's down to you to use your expertise in unlocking their hair's potential and demonstrating how they can achieve incredible styles at home.

Occasionally, customers need a little encouragement in order for them to branch out and try something new, but the results can be well worth the effort. It's a great feeling when you can hold up a mirror and feel confident that your customer is going to love their new look.

Once you've mastered an effective new styling technique, it's an amazing feeling to be able to pass that skill on to someone else so that they can recreate the latest styles themselves. As a Boots Hair stylist Albuquerque, you need to be able to provide your customer with a step by step guide to the styling methods and products which you have used, so that they can achieve styles that they may have never have thought possible without a professional stylist.

It's important to be truly passionate about hair when working as a stylist at Boots. Not only will you want to be inspired by the impressive range of products available within store, but you'll need to have a keen eye for the latest hair trends. Social media sites, such as Instagram and Tumblr, are great for discovering images of stunning hairstyles, many of which can b
e achieved without cutting or dying and are perfect for demonstrating to customers at Boots.
Fashion Week is also a leading platform for showcasing upcoming hair trends and can provide ample inspiration when it comes to creating innovative styles. Most importantly, however, stylists should base their visions for styling on the customer's own hair aspirations, taking into account both their personality and their hair type when putting together a new look. Not all styles will be suited to every customer but when you get a hair stylist jobyou'll need to know how to tailor your hair creations to each individual.

Transforming a customer's approach to hair styling can have a huge impact on their overall image, as well as their hair routine. Once they have placed their trust in you as a Stylist, you are responsible for ensuring that they leave the store looking and feeling fabulous. This can be key to achieving customer loyalty and demonstrating Boots expertise within the world of hair and beauty.

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