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Friday, 30 January 2015

Understanding How PTC Network Works

To even begin with a PTC website, it is vital that you understand how do Pay to click (PTC) website work and also the dirty tricks that some PTC owners used.

To start off, always look at the business model of the pay to click website.

1. Is the website offering a large amount of money per click? If so how many years have this website lasted for? This is very vital as new PTC websites tend to offer a higher amount of cash to lure members in. Initially some of this websites do actually pay to certain members so that they are able to give a good review of the website. However, you must look at the long run the website is able to sustain and pay its members.

2. The best way to check if the website you have chosen is a scam is to check via Google and read its comments. BEWARE though, another dirty trick that most PTC websites do is to create webpages are of anonymous names to promote their website. Hence, the pages that you read in the Google page may actually be written by the owners and staffs of the particular website. Hence, do counter check with reputable forums and members of the particular PTC website.

3. Do you notice that there are lots of PTC websites around in the internet?

YES! There's no doubt on that. Most of the PTC websites will tempt you to buy referrals which they charge you for a certain amount of money. But do you know that these may actually be bots that you are buying which activates for a certain period of time to click your ads? Do invest on referrals at your own discretion. The best method is still via direct referrals and the moment you reach minimum payout, do check out to see if the website do eventually pay.

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