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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Most Important Rule For the Wedding DJ Playlist

Whenever engaged couples try to bust out on their wedding DJ in Cheshire they usually don't consider the number one rule in building this list of songs. The first rule of the playlist do not talk about the playlist! Seriously, many couples actually have that attitude and are scared to tell their DJ what songs they want and how to play them. Some DJ's have a set show for every single event they play at, but sometimes it won't work because every crowd is different! You don't want the DJ playing rap music and heavy metal if the crowd is mostly your parent's age. Don't make this mistake. You can play any song from any genre you like as long as the DJ is following the first rule of the playlist.

Are you ready? Here you go: The most important rule for your playlist: Only play 3 songs from the same category in a row. That's it! That is the number 1 rule when building your music playlist, especially for dancing.

I know, it sounds too basic but it is what will make or break your dance floor! If your DJ is playing more than three songs in a row of a certain style, the guests who dislike that style will start to wonder if the rest of the night will be all that kind of music. See, three songs come out to about 10 to 12 minutes of music, which is a good length of time for a dancing set. Then the music changes and those who were dancing go get a drink and rest up while those who like the new style crash the floor. then again, sometimes people just never leave the dance floor at all and you can't complain about that!

Now I'm not saying to go from Stayin' Alive to Metallica! If your DJ has any abilities, he can make the transitions smooth. For instance, the DJ can start of with Motown for a few, then come in with some disco, then mix into some top 40 dance. There's about 30 to 40 minutes of mostly dance music. You can move on to some rock and roll or oldies from there or, since it is a wedding, drop a slow ballad for all the love birds. I'll e going over some great song transitions and playlists at Wedding DJ Playlist, if you're interested.

As always, there is an exception to this rule. You can get away with playing more (five or six) songs from the same genre if your DJ mixes out of each song quickly. We're talking about two minutes or so into the song. As you can see, it's more about the total amount of time your guests are subjected to a certain style of music, which is about 10 to 12 minutes. If you go over that time, you might run into problems and you will most likely have guests heading out the door early. Try it if you don't believe me. Have your DJ play the best top 40 dance songs for an hour and watch half of your guests run out the door!

Hopefully you'll heed m y advice and follow this simple but oh, so important guideline for your dancing music sets. This is the most important tip I can is the first rule in building your wedding DJ playlist for you and your guests!

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