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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Outlook to Translation Services

It is important to bear in mind that translation is a service, but not a commodity. You can't trade-off one translation with another. Each text has its own intended group, purpose, and subject. It is likely that you would not be hiring a freelance feature writer to prepare patent applications. In the same way, you can not any person who is bilingual to be capable of translating these patent applications.

For this reason, translation is a professional language service carried out by skilled and knowledgeable expert linguists. Every language services provider has their own capacities and fields of specialisms. They may offer different language services such as translation, localization, typesetting, proofreading, and editing. Similarly, they may employ different processes and workflows in their operational activities. This is why a purchaser who is going to buy language services should be a conscious consumer and have a deep understanding of the particular parameters that have influence on whether the delivered translation would be of high (or low) quality.

There are three important parameters which have direct impact on how a translation project is completed successfully. These parameters are cost, quality of the service provided and delivery time required by the purchaser. It is apparent that cost, turnaround time and quality of a project are intersecting and interacting factors.

Almost each and every purchaser requires that the translation should be of high quality and high quality is very often a must. Mostly, turnaround time or cost of the translation influence the decision making procedures. You should never forget that a parameter with a higher priority, whether it is the cost consideration or the delivery time, does not cancel out the importance of the other parameter. An effort to decrease the cost due to budget constraints may lead to longer delivery time. However, you should not let your selected language services provider to extend the deadline more than it is necessary. In the same manner, having tight constraints in budget and delivery times does not give birth to accept a poor translation with low quality.

In conclusion, it is highly important for a purchaser planning to buy Russian translation service to select a vendor offering a well-balanced combination of quality, cost and turnaround time which have direct influence on how a translation project is completed successfully. Once the translation services provider is selected, concern about these parameteres should be the furthest thing in the mind of the purchaser.

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