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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Stones and Crystals: Amethyst Crystal

Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth and quartz crystals are some of the most used healing stones and crystal. Amethyst is a purple variety of Quartz and grows in some nice points that are used in healings, jewelry, crystal elixirs and much more.

In ancient times, large Amethyst Crystals where carved into the shape of a goblet and used to drink wine from them because it was thought to prevent the user from getting drunk. Today, you would be surprised to find how many people in any given bar carry an amethyst in their pocket for the exact same reason.

If you forget your crystal or you are so determined to get drunk that no stone could possibly prevent it from happening, it can also be used after the fact to draw out of negative energy your night on the town has caused you. Sit quietly with an amethyst in your hand and visualize (if you can actually use your minds eye), all the pain and sensitivity being drawn into the stone. Don't forget to cleanse the crystal when you are through so you don't absorb those negative energies back at a later date.

If you have begun spending a few too many nights on the town or have become addicted to any other substance and you truly want to change, hold and amethyst in your hand and ask it to take away your desire for the substance. Then carry it in your pocket or purse from then on to remind you there is a friend helping you through the times when you need it the most.

If the crazy schedules so many of us have to keep in today's busy world starts to make you feel stressed out, take a break for a few minutes and hold an amethyst in your hand. Visualize a white light coming from the universe and flowing through the stone and into you. Allow the flow to continue and as your body is slowly filling with this energy, visualize all the stress being pushed out of your body by the light.

Business owners whose business involves a lot of stress that can leave employees and customers in a negative mood can help everyone by buying a few large amethyst clusters to display around the room. The energies coming from the stones will help keep everyone's tempers turned down a notch or two because it is a stone that helps to spread love and peace to all who come within its range.

If you need to purchase a gift for someone that has psychic abilities, try giving them an amethyst. It is perfect for anyone needing to increase their intuition whether they work as a profession psychic or just need a little insight into a situation. It helps to clear the channels and allow information to come through clearer. You can even use it if you are having a hard time deciding between two or more choices. It will help you to intuitively know the right choice to make.

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