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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What Is Travel & Tourism Management?

Travel until the mid-1800s was, for the most part, of a necessary nature only. Rail, water and overland forms of transportation paid little attention to whether or not passengers were comfortable or if their experience was a pleasant one. As incomes grew and leisure travel increased, whole industries sprang up to cater to travelers' comfort and enjoyment.

Businesses centered on travel & tourism include travel agencies, casinos, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, convention and visitors' bureaus, and various businesses located at the travel destinations, such as restaurants and tour guide companies.

Travel & tourism careers include travel agent, hotel manager or concierge, tourist destination or casino manager, cruise ship manager, marketer, tour guide, meeting and event planner, and tourism developer.

According to the World travel and tourism Council, by 2014, one out of every 11.6 jobs is expected to be in travel & tourism management.

According to the ship Britannia made history when it brought a cow on board so passengers could have fresh milk--sparking interest for the first time in passengers' comfort while cruising.

Someone interested in entering the field of travel & tourism management should expect to study and excel in geography, psychology, marketing, accounting and English. Travel & tourism management college programs usually require all of these.

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