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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3 i535 - LCD Color issues after glass replacement

Long time member of the forums here, but haven't posted in quite some time. For the most part, I usually find what I'm looking for after a few searches. In this case, however, I don't think I've run across my exact problem.

My wife dropped her Samsung Galaxy S3 i535 phone a couple weeks ago and shattered the front glass. I ordered the replacement s3 glass on and proceeded to get it installed this past week.

One of the things I noticed was that none of the repair videos adequately documented how to route and attach the button for the home keys at the bottom of the screen. I was finally able to get the old home button ribbon cable detached from the phone and pulled free from its location. I noticed that there was still quite a bit of adhesive left on the resting location for the home key pc board (located a few mm in front of the ribbon cable that connects to the lcd assembly.)

I made the mistake of thinking that the adhesive consisted of some form of double sided tape, so using a small blade and a pair of forceps I began removing the adhesive. Turns out, the adhesive was attached to a felt-like material that was covering the back of the LCD. Once removed, I noticed that the section of the screen from which the felt had been removed was slightly discolored.

I proceeded to reassemble the phone, and it is working correctly, with one exception.

The entire screen (not just the area where the felt was removed) appears to have a greenish tint to it. This is most notable when booting the phone. The SAMSUNG logo appears as almost a neon green (My wife assures me this should be white) and the booting animation is mostly green (She assures me it was multicolored)

A couple of questions here:

Did the piece of material I removed from the back of the LCD cause this problem, or should I be looking at something else for a solution?

Is there any chance this felt-like material contained the backlighting for the LCD Screen?

If not, could just a small section of missing felt allow enough light to escape to discolor the entire screen?

Also, since I obviously can't replace the felt, would coating the expose area with some form of paint or something work to restore the proper coloring to the phone?

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