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Monday, 10 November 2014

Fashion Trends of Eyewear for Professionals and Teenagers

What professionals like for eye wearing?
Each age group adopts different style of eyewear in Dubai. The professional class is mostly seen wearing subtle frames with squared glasses. This eyewear gives them a cool yet professional look. The frames are available in different colors. Starting from cheeky and naughty colors to decent and subtle tones, the professionals are seen carrying both. Ladies usually go for feminine colors with squared shaped glasses. All brands have launched a special range of eyewear for professionals. Brands like Dolce and Gabbana also have launched a range of eye wear that is specifically devoted to professionals. Professionals are seen using eye wear both for at their work places and in their personal lives. In their personals lives, for keeping the sun away, aviators of different styles are frequently used.

These eyewear trends are well kept and carried by the professionals. They usually carry two sets of glasses. One is for use at the work station and the other is for their personal use. These glasses are chic and stylish and usually add to the style statement of professionals. Each type of professional will choose eyewear of his own choice. Doctors for example will go for eyewear that suits their eye sight completely since they have to do very tedious job for example surgery. Construction engineers on the other hand would usually opt for eyewear that would fully cover their eyes so that no dust particle is able to access their eyes. Business men usually go for more style and use different range of eyewear at their work stations.

What teenagers like for eye wearing?

Teenagers all over the world are the most hyper age of all. They tend to experiment with new stuff with full confidence and style. Sometimes the experiment succeeds while at other times, it might fail. Whatever the case, the teenagers are always keen to try every new stuff that is available in the market. This age group confidently experiments with new colors and styles and carries it well. All sharp and fluorescent colored David Yurman eyewear is common to teenagers these days. They would mostly wear shirts with subtle colors such as sea green and white and would wear a fluorescent green eyewear to complement their subtle dress.

Similarly colors that are being most friendly with teenage girls are fuscia pink and dark green. Yellow is in high demand among both boys and girls. Printed eyewear is also seen especially in sun glasses. Tiger print eyewear and snake print eyewear also looks classy and adds to the style statement of these teenagers. Bright orange, royal blue and other fluorescent colors are also frequently seen with teenagers. Eyewears that have large glass and frames are mostly used against sun. All sun glasses have a large glass frame to protect the eyes from the scorching sun. There are some other conscious teenagers as well who are not into wearing glasses. Instead these teenagers go for wearing different colored lenses. The girls especially wear matching lenses with their dresses. However lenses are less common than the traditional eyewear. This is because one can experiment more with the traditional eyewear than with the modern lenses. All bright colored and printed eyewear is certainly the first hand choice for teenagers.

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