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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Eyewear - Style and Comfort

We buy sunglasses for two main reasons; to make us look fashionable, cool and in- style, and to protect our eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays, dust and pollution. When we talk of eyewear, sunglasses or shades has a major role in making a fashion statement of one individual but more of that it can also be a purely protective item. There are lots of available and styles you can choose from the market, and among the popular is a pair of eyewear.

Whether you`re heading to the beach, walking the dog or conducting a business meeting outdoors, you can find a vast collection from Lightec eyewear. Their sunglasses are made of high quality materials, it doesn't easily break, durable enough and even more, the classic design of it never goes out of style. eyewear also offer good UV protection you need.

Eyewear is your number one brand when buying for designer sunglasses, whether for men or women. The brand itself stands out because of its classy, modern and cool styles. It is widely known brand as it offer a maximum level of comfort and visual quality at a reasonable price. Everyone can easily distinguish eyewear. You can create a new, fascinating look and exciting styles with just a few pairs from it. However, when buying eyewear or any other designer eyewear, it is very important that you consider some factors to get a perfect pair that will best suit your personality.

First, know what type of frame materials you want to use. Aluminum and titanium frames are very durable and offer custom fitting options. Plastic frames are light and durable but usually can't be bent to offer a custom fit.

Third, choose the best frame for your face shape. If your face shape is square, opt for rounded lens. If your face is heart-shaped, select an oval or rounded lens. Lucky, if you have an oval face as you can select any shape you like.

Lastly, choose lens color according to your personal choice and comfort level. For sensitive eyes, it is advisable to get dark lenses. Gray or gray-green are good for general use. Brown works well for daytime driving or golf. Yellow and amber provide depth perception in low-light conditions. Avoid light blue and pink for driving or sports as they distort color. Lens weight is an important factor to consider also. Make sure that your sunglasses perfectly fit you to get a maximum comfort.

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