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Friday, 31 October 2014

Steps To A Successfull Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpet cleaned by a professional should be a slam dunk proposition. You should be able to trust that they do the best job possible but this is not always the case. There are many steps to a good carpet cleaning that many cleaners do not follow. Here are the steps that must be included for a quality cleaning job.

First, your carpet cleaner must vacuum your carpet thoroughly. A good vacuuming is important for the final results but it is too often ignored by carpet cleaning companies in an effort to save time. Your carpet must be vacuumed before you clean it to remove dry soil. Dry soil is much easier to remove when it is, well, dry. Once it gets wet, it sticks to the carpet.

Next, your carpet cleaner should move furniture. Not every piece of furniture needs to be moved, but light things like chairs and end tables should be moved. Dust and soil will settle under these things and the furniture must be moved to get to it. Larger items like beds and dressers can stay in place and be safely cleaned around.

Third on my list of needed steps is a good pre treatment. A carpet can not be cleaned with just steam. A pre treatment must first be applied to break up and emulsify soil. This should be used on every job and it should not cost extra. Preferably, it will also be applied hot with an inline sprayer hooked up to the carpet cleaning equipment. Heat will improve the effectiveness of the cleaner.

After allowing the pre treatment to dwell for a few minutes, the carpet cleaners Elgin IL must then extract the solution with a truck mounted steam cleaning machine. Truck mounted machines produce high levels of heat and vacuum power for better cleaning. They also leave your carpet drier so that you can get back to using them sooner.

Finally, your cleaning should include a post cleaning spotting attempt to remove stains that were not initially removed. Not all stains will be removed with the basic cleaner so your carpet cleaner should make one final attempt to get them out. Those that do not are cutting corners.

That is it. Sounds like a simple chain of steps but it is one that many cleaners do not follow. They do this in an effort to save time, money or out of pure laziness. Make sure that your cleaner follows all of the steps I have outlined on your next cleaning. THis will ensure you a good cleaning.

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