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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you're charged with a crime, you are probably going to need help navigating the legal process. A good attorney knows how the system works and how to handle your case. You'll want to choose a defense lawyer with experience in your type of case from all the people practicing law in your community.

Get a referral from the local Bar Association. Most organizations have a process where you can either call for a list of names, or look up Tommy Hindman Attorney by their specialty. You want someone with a background in your type of case. If you are charged with drunk driving, you want to find a lawyer who has experience defending DUI suspects. It will do you little good if he is a family law expert with no trial experience.

Think about the outcome you want, and find an attorney who can handle it. If you want to be cleared of the charges, you may want to choose a criminal defense lawyer with a record of courtroom trial victories. If you want to cut the best deal possible there are lawyers who are good at plea bargains.

Ask questions. Before you choose a criminal defense attorney, ask how long he's been practicing law, his experience with your type of case, how much he charges and how much he may want up front. Find out if he would handle your case, or pass it off to an associate. Make sure he's licensed and carries malpractice insurance.

Do a background check by running his name through an Internet search engine. It won't give you everything you need to know, but you might get information which will help you choose a defense lawyer, such as whether his name is associated with other cases similar to yours. Check with the Bar Association to see if he has been disciplined. If you know anyone in the legal system, ask for either a recommendation or for information about any criminal attorney you consider choosing.

Comparison shop. The right lawyer for you may not be the one with the best TV or yellow pages ad, but it doesn't mean you should ignore him. Instead, talk with several attorneys to compare prices and how they would handle your case. You don't have to go with the first person you consult.

Make sure you're comfortable with the criminal defense attorney you choose. You don't have to like them; some of the best in the business have abrasive personalities. But they should explain everything about your case and the system in a way you can understand. His office should return your phone calls and spend time to go over any questions or concerns you may have.

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