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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Green Carpet Cleaning Tips And Advice

If you are worried that the chemicals you use in your carpet cleaner could harm your family members, pets, or the environment, then you should choose green Carpet Cleaning Champaign IL. You can clean your rugs using natural methods and natural ingredients.

Green carpet cleaning can be easily done with a little baking soda and some hot water. You can sprinkle baking soda on your rug instead of the expensive chemical laden powders you are currently using. The baking soda will neutralize odors so when you vacuum you will pick up the bad smells as well as the white powder. AQ mixture of hot water and baking soda can be used in your residential steam cleaner to freshen the carpet and remove surface dust and grime.

Green carpet cleaning can be done using some vinegar (the same kind you cook with) and some water. Mixing white vinegar and water together to use in your carpet cleaning machine will give you a powerful stain remover, carpet cleanser, and odor eliminator. Mix the power of baking soda in with the power of vinegar and hot water and you have a cleaner that will remove almost all stains.

Persian carpets can be cleaned by hanging them outdoors and beating them with a stick or broom. These rugs are generally hung as ornamentation and all they really need is for the dust to be beaten out of them. If you do use water on one of these rugs try a sample area first to check for color-fastness.

A great green carpet cleaning stain remover is made with one cup white vinegar, one quart of warm water, and one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. You mix the three ingredients together and then use a whisk to create a foamy froth on top. You apply the foam with a soft bristled scrub brush, being careful to apply as little water as possible. After brushing at the stain you use a clean white cloth to blot the area dry. If the cloth comes back clean the stain is removed and if it comes back discolored you need to repeat the process.

When you use natural ingredients to clean your rugs you will not have to air the house out to get rid of the powerful chemical fumes. Your children, and pets, will be able to safely touch the rug surface without any fear of skin or breathing reactions. You will be providing your family with the safest, and cleanest, home possible.

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