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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Top Rated Private Investigator In Greenville SC

If you are looking for a private investigator Greenville SC, maybe this will help you. Stillinger Investigations Inc. is the company to go to. They have a number of services that they provide. They provide services in adultery and infidelity, child custody, cohabitation, counter measure sweeps, covert camera systems, criminal defense investigations, data base research, digital forensics, fraud investigations, GPS tracking, and process service.

For adultery and infidelity, this company will get you the answers that you need. They will get you the proof you need to send to a court of law.

For child custody, the company will get you what you need so that you can obtain custody of your child. If the other parent is not being a good parent, the company can get proof for you.

If you are tired of having to pay alimony to your ex because he or she is cohabitating with someone else, they can get the proof that you need so you don't have to pay alimony again.

This company uses a variety of things to get the proof that they need for you to send to a court of law for whatever situation you are in. They have a counter measure sweeps item that eavesdrops on others. They also have a covert camera system that will let them video those that they are investigating without them knowing.

For criminal defense investigation, here are some of the services that they provide. They provide, missing discovery list, witness interviews, crime scene analysis, sworn statements, and crime scene photo and video documentation.

If you need data base research done, this company can help you. Some of the things that they can do are: asset searches, find current and previous address, and employment history.

So as you can see this company knows what they are doing and can help you with your case.

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