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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Managing Aged Care Residents With The WanderGuard System

Residents with memory impairments in aged care facilities need constant care to make sure that they do not go outside protected areas and wander away (elope) or otherwise put themselves in danger. In addition they need access to a highly reliable emergency call system, no matter where they are within a community, and when the call system is activated, staff must be able to find residents quickly and accurately. Patients who may be a danger to themselves or others may also need to be monitored on a constant basis. A wander guard system is required to meet these needs.

The WanderGuard system from Secure Care Products, Inc. (SCP) provides a solution for these patient management challenges. It operates using RFID transmitters worn by patients which communicate with a monitoring receiver. When a patient crosses a designated portion of a monitored area the system receives a signal and reacts appropriately. This can include actions such as triggering audible alerts, sending a signal to staff through a paging system or activating magnetic locks on doorways.

The system is fully programmable and different areas can be set up to trigger specific actions depending on where monitors have been set up. For example, monitors may be set up with different actions depending on whether they are triggered at lift doors, stairs or hallways or when a specific perimeter is crossed. The system can also lock all doors during the night or be set to non-selective mode which means that opening a door at night triggers an alert no matter who it is.

The transmitters worn by residents are unobtrusive and come in the form of pendants, wrist and ankle bands or watches. The system does not react to anyone who is not wearing a transmitter, which means that staff and visitors can move freely throughout monitored area. Individual patients are identified by the monitoring system so staff in the facility can program it to perform a given actions (such as locking doors) only when specified patients trigger the alarm (for example, doors might only be locked only for patients who are prone to wandering).

The SCP WanderGuard system is a leader in its field and was the first product of its type developed for these applications. It remains one of the most cost effective solutions for wander and elopement management and comes with a full three year warranty. SouthMed, Inc. ( is an authorized distributor for this product which means that factory trained staff can assist with installation and on-site support to ensure that the system is working as effectively as possible.

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