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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Arcane Legends Achievements

Welcome to the arcane legends hack apk. Below you will find explained each Achievement and what is the title you are granted, if any, after completion.

Please leave a comment below if you cannot figure out how to obtain an achievement or believe it’s bugged.

Currently, the max amount of achievement points you can get is 9400.

The Achievement System Explained

• Character: mainly centered on character leveling and skills

• Adventuring: Most achievements granted after you fully complete an area/zone in the game.

• Archenemies: APs granted for certain bosses killed in the game.

• PVP: these points are granted for PvP victories and amount of players defeated.

• Assets: Centered on gold obtained and Auction House listings.

• Social: So far only a pair of Achievs only related to guild activities.

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