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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tips To Get The Most From A Destination Management Company

A destination management company is important for conference organizers to provide quality services. These companies are able to take over the practical aspects of your event. This leaves your own employees free to concentrate on the content, or academic aspects of the conference or convention. They are particularly helpful if your event is going to be held in a different city or even a different country from where your organization is based.

If your event is scheduled to take place over a number of days or if it will attract visitors from many different countries, the complexity of the logistics can be formidable. Maybe there will be satellite meetings or workshops and policy discussion groups separate from the plenary sessions where everyone attends together. These all require venues, catering and equipment.

Delegating these arrangements to a member of staff can rapidly take over their entire working life, drawing them away from their normal activities. It requires resources and skills that are not within their remit. Handing over matters like finding a venue, arranging flights and accommodation for delegates, planning catering, assembling equipment for audio visual presentations, etc., enables your organization to focus on the purpose of the event while the experts handle what they are good at.

Professional conference organizers have local knowledge of venues, restaurants and hotels. Because this is all they do, they are in a position to negotiate fantastic deals by virtue of their buying power. They have specialist staff who are familiar with the necessary visa requirements, where necessary, and can help your delegates put together the paperwork they need to get in and out of the country.

One of the greatest advantages of working with a destination management company is the luxury of having only one invoice to pay for more information They take care of all of the accounting, settling bills and chasing people for payment. A major event can entail hundreds of flights and hotel rooms.

Whether your event is being held in a foreign language-speaking country or if you are hosting it home and inviting delegates and guest speakers who speak in a multitude of different languages, you may well need the services of an army of translators. Your DCM can arrange these for you. One solution is to have a bank of soundproof booths at the back of the hall where the translators for each language listen to the proceedings on headphones. Simultaneously, they translate directly to sets of headphones in the hands of the relevant delegates.

It is very common for delegates to business meetings to bring the spouse and children along and tack a holiday onto the end of the event. Your DCM will be able to arrange excursions, visits to tourist spots and shopping trips to keep everyone entertained while their significant other is networking. They take care of everything from entry fees to arranging transport.

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