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Friday, 22 August 2014 - Affiliate program

  1. Introduction
In a moment, you will know who is addressed to and how to start making money incurring no cost!

Mixprofit is an Affiliate program which provides you with a number of tools to make money without leaving home by promoting the products available in the program. You don't need to have your own website or previous experience, but if you do - that is great!

Remember - there is nothing easier than to recommend popular products loved by our customers. The permanent policy of the company allowed us to care about the highest quality of our products, which has resulted in many clients coming back.

A few tips are presented below to show you how to make money on our products. We wish you a fruitful cooperation.
  • Highest
  • commissions
  • Perfect
  • products
  • Satisfaction
  • guarantee
  • Possibility of
  • promotion
  • Constant
  • earnings
  • Reaching
  • the customers
  • Flexibility
  • Global reach
  1. Who are we?
Our team consists of people specializing in, among other things, marketing, e-commerce and experienced crew of technicians. While cooperating with us, you are given the tools perfectly designed to suit your needs, which were developed on the basis of our long-term experience.

With just a few clicks, you may begin your adventure with global promotion of the finest products. Your imagination is the only limit. You will be assigned a personal, perfectly qualified advisor who will provide you with the highest quality service, helping you to increase your income!

We are independent - our offer for partners has been created over many months. The developed offers are available exclusively at with no risk of changes and dangerous collaboration with intermediaries.

We care about our customers and partners, therefore we introduce 4 new products to our offer on average per year. We provide materials necessary to promote the above mentioned products. As our partner, you will be always informed about our new products at the stage of their development. You will be contacted by your personal advisor, while the adequate notifications will be found in your customer's panel.

We provide the best conditions of products supply. We have signed logistic agreements with courier companies such as DPD, etc. We provide the customer with a possibility to choose the shipment method most suitable for them.

We do not like to be restrained and in view of that fact, we do not restrain the capabilities of our partners and customers in our service. There is a large number of payment methods, therefore the customer is able to pay in any way he prefers, for instance so as to hide the purchase in the account record.
  1. How does it work?
As our partner, you are given the opportunity of the finest products promotion. All it takes is to download the advertising code form your panel and you are ready to start.

You are rewarded EUR 40 of commission for every person who makes the purchase using your unique link. It provides the infinite profit possibilities and further products promotion as well.

We do not restrain our partners which allows you to promote the offers in any way you wish, we do not interfere - we help reaching the goals.

At every stage of the cooperation, your advisor will assist and advice you on your ads and websites you are running, providing you with information aiming at the successive growth of your profit.
  1. How do I start?
Before you start, get familiar with simple actions' principles, which are presented in three simple steps.

Step 1 – Registration.

Step 2 - Downloading advertising codes.

Step 3 - Starting promoting products.

The free registration is all it takes to access all the offers, materials and tools designed for products promotion. You may register directly on our website. You will then gain a full access to the partner's panel - from this moment on, you may browse through the statistics of your profit and create the first, but not last, marketing campaign in program.
  1. How do I approach it?
Do you run a blog or a complex social network service on the web? That is perfect!

Categorize your portal's users, it will make the actions easier in the future. With this simple operation, you will know what kind of users you have on your website, what their interests are, their average age and the place of residence. Remember - the more you know about your customers, the better offer you may provide them with, which means bigger sale and bigger commission for you as a result.

Choose the best form of advertisement for your service. We are providing you with many possibilities, which can be found in the partner's panel, including:
  1. Banners- designed specifically for a given product, prepared by a group of professionals with long-term experience in e-commerce. It is the best product promotion method as it is a simple graphic form. A well designed and located banner attracts the user's attention, who is, by clicking it, redirected to the product's page which adds up to your commission.
  1. Articles, reviews - texts which are designed to make the user buy the product. There are anchored phrases in the text redirecting to the product's page. What is more, they are comprising two very important advantages: convincing the customer (through text) and redirecting them with the link (purchase). It is also the most commonly chosen advertisement method by partners. Remember that you may always use your own article compositions or use the ones published in Affiliate program. Before the customer proceeds with the purchase, they would like to gather more information about the product they are interested in.
  1. Text Links - it is a very subtle form of advertisement, not brutally interfering with the appearance of the website. They may be inserted in any text on the page or placed in little blue links in a visible place "do you want to lose weight? Find out how!". The content of the text you use in the link is very important. Remember that it cannot be too long, it needs to attract the customer's attention with a catchy phrase. Try to refer to their inner need for acceptance of the group or being liked and popular. The better the text you use, the more conversion will be noted on your account.
  1. Short movies- a few minutes presentation of the product that, thanks to its form, attracts an increasing group of fans. It is a light, consumer-friendly method to conduct information. You may create your own short movies in which you talk about our products. If you publish them on your website the success is guaranteed!
  1. You don't have your own website?
I doesn't matter, many of our partners don't have their own website. You will be revealed the methods of products promotion incurring no cost. You may always use the alternative methods of product promotion in the web. These are:

Method #1 - Free blogs

Use the free blogs such as:
Method #2 - Buying the mailing campaigns

Make use of advertisements published on websites presented below:
  1. Exactly how much money can you make on that?
The total amount of your profit comprises the following elements:

basic commission - 35% net value of each transaction which started on your website. For example, Mr. John made an order through your unique Partner's Code for three months Formentor, Sizepower and Unitox treatment and paid the amount in total of EUR 260. Because Mr. John ordered the maximum treatment for every product, he was granted 15% discount. The customer was redirected to us from your website, therefore 91 Euros go to your account. Nice result, congratulations!

referral commission - 15% commission of the partners' income you have recommended. Let's apply here an example from the paragraph above: The partner received EUR 91 in relation to the sale recorded from his redirection. Because you have recommended the partner, you receive EUR 13.65! Doesn't it sound good to you?
  1. Would you like to have your own website?
You have two options. Neither is worse than the other, each has its advantages:

1.CMS - Content Management System: software allowing you to easily create a website and update and develop it subsequently using easy to use users' interfaces, usually presented in the form of web pages including complex forms and modules.

The most popular CMSes:
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
The CMSes presented above contain huge databases of both modifications available directly at the software's producer and those created by users. Free license.
  1. Web Portal - Your own website, which will be created by the programmer (given that you cannot code it yourself) In this case, you may specify the exact look of the website, context placement and the content enclosed therein. Think through how the service should be presented to be clear and readable. Do not exaggerate with the variety of colors in the text and use one font for the entire website. Plan the menu to improve the navigation on the website. 

WordPress Joomla
  1. How to write a good text?
The text you are going to write will be the main source of information for the users visiting your service. Be sure that it is clear and readable, avoid waffling. You care about the results, you don't want to bore the user, therefore do not fill it with unnecessary text as it is not effective.

Do you want to promote one product on your website? Great idea! Focus on the consistent promotion of one element on the website and remember - publish only the issues related to the product! Do not mix losing weight with body detoxification, etc. At this moment, you are promoting something that one product cannot provide.

If, however, you want to promote several products, think of the categories that will allow you to organize the materials describing the various problems and matching solutions (products).

As far as the text is concerned, take the tips presented below into consideration:
  • use spaces between the paragraphs. Thanks to this easy procedure, the text will be clear and the user will be more likely to read it.
  • be sure that the paragraphs are not too long,
  • refer directly to the user, skip the "mass" phrases. You are addressing your message to a certain user, not all of them. We know that it is not like that, but let the user feel special, so that he thinks this offer is addressed specifically to him.
  • the common method of emphasizing important information contained in the text is to bold it. This way, you emphasize important information you want the user to focus on.
10.   How do I increase the traffic on the website?

Depending on your financial and time capabilities, we may divide them into two groups:
  1. Paid (you commission the execution of a given service to a third party and wait for the result)
  • You purchase the mailing through service. The cost of such service ranges from 16 zł to 600 zł. Let me present it with an example: let's take a customer we have already met - Mr. John. He came to us from the mailing you chose and paid for, let's say, 200zł. It reached approximately 320 000 people. Mr. John is not the only customer who will be redirected and encouraged to purchase the promoted product, but for this particular transaction you earned EUR 91, therefore you have already gotten back the cost incurred for product promotion. Now, you only have to wait and collect the harvest from other conversions. Remember, however, that with mailing campaigns application, it is very important to systematically send new campaigns because if you don't see to that, the amount of conversions will start falling instead of increasing.
Paid advertisement on other portals:
  • you buy the advertising space from the owners, where you publish our banners. It is very important for you to know what kind of users visit the given portal as not to promote the products that the users will not be interested in, in which case it will be hard to achieve any conversion from banner clicks.
  • you publish the articles about the promoted product on somebody else's service. In this case you should not only match the product with the group of users but also the content, tone and manner of expression contained in the article.
  • linking the posts, on the forums, you may specify that the owner of the website should introduce the hyperlinks, for example, when promoting ImmuOne product, you can specify that all the words "health" on the portal should be designated with the links directing to the promoted product.
Paid posts placement of promoted products

  • you order somebody to write 200 posts on forums, which will include the unique links redirecting the users to the website promoting the given product.
  • Publishing of advertisements/reviews/articles on social network services (Facebook,
Twitter, Internet forums of all sorts).
  1. Free (you need to spend a little more time to promote the products but it will surely pay off):
  • you may publish the posts yourself in the topics already created or start new topics on the forums where you will publish the problems related to the given issue, which have been solved by the product.
  • comments on the blogs are also a method of mouth marketing, which at the relatively low cost may significantly increase the quality of visits on your website.
  • publishing the posts on Facebook yourself, thanks to which you may expand the operation by your friends and their friends 'liking' your posts :) Facebook provides the infinite possibilities to promote the website.
  • sharing the guides describing the selected problems and the methods of dealing with them on author's portals of various sorts.
Remember! Only the correctly composed advertising campaign and directly targeted actions, focused on achieving the undertaken objectives will bring the biggest benefits.

You have learned the basics. You are now ready to start making money.

Don't forget that the area in which you are going to actively participate is a dynamically developing form of marketing in the web. Constantly broaden your knowledge to keep your conversion on the highest level.

If you have any questions regarding the product promotion, creating your own web page or an idea you are not certain of - write to us! We are here to help you develop. Take the matters into your own hands and start making real money. Polish market services Italian market services Czech market services German market services

We provide you with the tool to start making money. It is only up to you whether you do this today! We don't promise you easy money as others do, instead, we give you the opportunity to earn the reasonable amounts, which will adequately reflect the hard work you have put in the products promotion.

Good luck!

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