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Friday, 29 August 2014

How to Play My Little Pony Party Games

For over 25 years My Little Pony has been a popular toy for little girls ages 3 to 6. Each pony has its own identity, characterized by its unique body, mane and tail colors and a special body art appliqué. If you have a young girl, odds are at some point she will want to have a My Little Pony Games. There are several common games that can be adapted to fit your My Little Pony party.

Change the classic game of Hot Potato to Pass the Pony. It is played in the same manner as Hot Potato, only the children will pass a My Little Pony doll around the circle until the music stops. When the music stops, the child holding the pony is out. Play continues until only one person remains in the game.

Play Pin the Tail on the Pony as a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Find a My Little Pony printable coloring picture and print out enough copies that each child playing will have a page to color, plus one extra. Keep one sheet intact and cut only the tails out of the other pages. Let each child color or decorate her tail. Hang the extra full page in an accessible spot for the children to play Pin the Tail on the Pony. Affix a piece of tape to the end of each child's decorated tail. Blindfold the first child, turn her around one or two times and hand her their tail. Each child gets a turn to see how close she can put the tail on the pony. The tail closest to where it belongs wins.

Have your very own horse races. For this game you will set up a racetrack using colored paper as the spaces the horses will move on. Choose one color for each lane and place 15 to 20 pieces of paper in a row on the floor. Each child gets their own lane to race in. Place a My Little Pony on the first piece of paper in each lane. Have each child roll a die and move the appropriate number of squares. First one to cross the finish line wins. If you have several children playing, you can break them into groups of three or four and have the winners of each race participate in the final race. You can also customize the number of spaces on your racetrack depending on the amount of space you have, number of children playing and their ages.

Round Up the Ponies is another fun game that can be adapted for your My Little Pony party. Hide several small plastic ponies or small plastic horseshoes throughout a designated area. Allow the children to search for and collect them. The child who finds the most wins.

Print out coloring pages for the kids to color. Let them decorate their colored ponies with glitter glue, stickers or other embellishments that are age-appropriate.

Paint the girl's faces to match their favorite pony. Each My Little Pony has a distinct embellishment that can be reproduced for the children using face paint. Face paint art can be done on the children's arms or hands rather than faces if preferred.

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