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Thursday, 7 August 2014

How to Decorate With Cannon Ball Bedroom Furniture

The cannon ball bed is a style from the Federal period of furnishings and architecture which spanned the years. This era rode in on the coat tails of the Revolutionary War, and the designer's integration of the cannonball symbol on the posts and legs of the bed are a natural extension of the patriotic enthusiasm of the time. 

Place your cannon ball bed in your bedroom. This will be the focal point of your decorating scheme. When you choose your placement, keep the symmetry of the room in mind; this is an important feature of the Federal style. If you have two well-spaced windows on one wall, consider placing the bed between them, or center the bed on a featureless wall. If the room is large enough for a sitting area, place the bed to allow for dividing the space accordingly.

Arrange your coordinating Bedroom Furniture symmetrically, with the bed as the centerpiece. You could place a nightstand on either side of the cannon ball bed, then a chest of drawers on each wall paralleling the bed. If you have a blanket chest, place it at the foot of the bed. Each piece should balance the arrangement as a whole, reflecting the formal tone of Federal style.

Place your oriental carpets. Furnishings and accessories with oriental designs were popular during the same period due to the trading ships bringing exotic goods from the Orient. If you have two carpets of similar size, place them for balance and comfort in your decorating scheme. If you have a third of a different size or shape, put it at the foot of the bed to provide tension in your balanced design.

Choose the colors of your window treatments to pick up the dominant colors in your carpets, or use traditional colors of the Federal era. Rich green hues, yellow-gold, royal blue, teal, and spice tones were characteristic of Federal decor. Reflect the elegant formality of the era with floor-length draperies and generously gathered valances.

Accessorize your decorating scheme by arranging family portraits, in pewter or silver frames, in a wall or tabletop grouping. Federal era designers frequently used silver accent pieces, largely due to the popularity of Paul Revere and company's silver creations.

Add your needlepoint footstool in a strategic spot, or hang your needlepoint tapestry on the wall opposite the bed, centered to mirror the bed placement. Handcrafted needlepoint items in rich shades and designs are another authentic accessory in the Federal style.

Choose bedclothes to coordinate with your decorating colors, with an emphasis on rich fabrics, elegant tailoring, and neat, classic lines. Enjoy the peaceful, balanced atmosphere of your period decor.

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