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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How Do I Check My Chanel J12 Warranty?

The replica chanel j12 watch is a luxurious timepiece, made with precious metals and jewels. These timepieces are very expensive and having a warranty is crucial, just in case damage occurs. When you purchase your J12 watch, a standard warranty will be included, with a time limit. It is your responsibility to check on the status of your warranty and find out how to reinstate it, if it has expired.

Check the date of purchase on your receipt. Chanel guarantees a 2-year warranty. You can verify if your warranty is still in effect by checking that you purchased the watch less than 2 years ago. You can receive free or discounted repairs to your J12 watch within the 2 years of your valid warranty. Remember to keep your receipt for the length of the warranty, so you have something that can verify your purchase.

Contact Chanel and inquire about the warranty on your J12 timepiece. J12 watches are only sold through Chanel and they are not sold online. Contact the Chanel store of purchase and ask about your warranty. An employee at the store may ask for the watch's serial number; the number is located on the back of the watch. If your warranty has expired, you can reinstate it for a small fee.

Visit a Chanel after-sales service center in or around your area and inquire about your warranty. A Chanel after-sales service center makes repairs to all Chanel timepieces. Check Chanel's official site to find the location closest to you. When checking your warranty with the after-sales service center, give the employee your serial number listed on your watch.

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