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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A.C.E Diet Pills Do They Work?

With such pressure on being skinny and fit there are diet fads being thrown at us everyday. Recently A.C.E all natural dietary supplement has been gaining popularity and the real question is does it work?

A.C.E stands for appetite control and energy. It is produced by Saba and claims to help with weight loss by curving appetite while providing more energy to be active. A.C.E contains the ingredients Vitamin B6, Cocoa Powder, Chromium, Spirulina, Green Tea Extract, Geranium Flower and Natural Sourced Caffeine. While some of these ingredients are believed to aid in weight loss it has been shown that A.C.E does not contain enough of those ingredients to really make a person lose weight.

Costing 55-60 dollars per bottle and only being attainable by purchasing through an A.C.E representative it is hard to get a hold of and quite a chunk of change to drop on diet pills Visit

After hearing and reading many success stories with this product I decided to give A.C.E a try for myself. It did give me a good boost of energy for a couple of hours but later I would end up with a headache and stomach ache. As for weight loss I did lose a couple pounds but realized it was just because I never ate and it made me use the bathroom more than usual.

Being quite disappointed by my results I decided to investigate further into others success stories. I found that most people that lost a significant amount of weight on this pill also increased their water intake significantly, began exercising and eating more healthy. Most of the representatives don't disclose this information when they post success stories leading people to believe A.C.E will make you shed pounds without doing a thing.

A.C.E dietary supplement while providing a good amount of energy really does not aid much in weight loss. It's just another product companies are trying to sell by sucking in consumers. It just goes to show once again that there is no magic trick to losing weight the best way is the natural way eating healthy and exercise.

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