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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The difference between fake watch and replica watch

The definition of fake watch is different from replica watches, the quality of fake watch generally is very cheap, at the same time, and their qualities also are very poor, a piece of fake watch usually sell at some dollars. For example, one of my friend just speed 20 Yuan in buying a piece of fake chanel watches uk in the street several days age.  These watches only theft of brand name, the quality of various components inside are very poor.    

However, replica watches is much more better than fake ones, although the quality of them are different, they are good, a piece of high quality replica watch even may sell at high price, It's hard to distinguish them they are imitation watch or not from the naked eye. Because original watches are too dear, so many prefer to spend less money to get replica watch, it made you look more fashion and rich. If you want to get a replica one, I do recommend replica Franck Muller. This is a good choice.

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