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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Chanel J12 Watches Authentic or Fake

Well I am learning about these watches right now because I have seen A LOT of them on ebay from some Asian countrys, Guess what, FAKE! I am currently learning more ways to spot fakes so I will update this review as I find out more, but here are a few things I have found out:

#1 Fake chanel watches j12 have a rivet, etc on every link on the side (where you can remove the link) Real ones have a few on each side by the clasp ONLY! BEWARE OF J12 WATCHES THAT HAVE A RIVET ON EVERY LINK. (see photo below)

#2 Real Chanel J12 watches do not come with the bands covered in plasitc (see photo below)

#3 If it is from an Asian Country or Coast less than $1,000- FAKE. But there some sellers that list their fakes for high prices & sell them unfortunatley!

#4 YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, Do you actually think you can get a $5,000- $10,000 watch for $200- $1,000 ??? People on ebay who have 10 listed a week- FAKES! These watches are Limited and NO ONE can get 100's of them...

#5 Look at a real Chanel watch. It's funny how some of the J12 watches currently on ebay with diamonds around the entire band don't have diamonds on the last link like a real one.

#6 Look at the date on the face, on Authentic watches the date number is Vertical and on Fakes it is Horozontal. BUT NOT ALL fakes have the date Horozontal, just the really cheap ones. There are fakes that just came on the market that no one can tell, only by opening up the back can you tell.

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