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Friday, 16 May 2014

What is Managed WordPress Web Hosting?

Managed web hosting can remove much of the stress and headaches from running your site/blog.

Different from the do-it-yourself approach of most shared web hosting, managed web hosting includes active management of your hosting space by your hosting company itself. Managed web hosting most often refers to hosting packages for Word Press.

If you are running a self hosted wordpress hosting france europe, there are a number of clear benefits to using a managed hosting service.

The primary benefit of a managed host for WordPress is simple: they handle much of the maintenance of the WordPress site. Worries over upgrades and compatibility issues are almost completely removed as these are cared for by the host. Many hosts test specific plug-ins to ensure compatibility - and then publish lists of allowed and banned plug-ins. While this might seem limiting at first, it ensures that these specific elements won't hurt your site, even crashing it.

A secondary benefit to managed hosting is that (almost always) their support staff are WordPress experts. This means that when you have an issue you can speak directly with them and they can help you troubleshoot it. If you haven't had a WordPress problem before, this might not sound significant I'm confident that you'll appreciate this when you site crashes. It really gives some peace of mind.

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