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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ultimate Ebook Creator Review

In my testing for this review, Ultimate Ebook Creator did not properly format two Kindle .mobi books. The margins inside both books were inconsistent and messy. The first book was copy/pasted from Word, so I thought the issue was pasting from Word to Ultimate Ebook Creator. But that wasn’t the case. My wife typed up the second bookentirely inside UEC and it still messed up the formatting as shown below.

Simply put, bullets frustrated me immensely. They appear correctly on the Kindle Previewer but on ALL actual devices, they appear as boxed question marks or boxes. The author recommended I paste images as a workaround. I’m not going to go through 100+ pages copying/pasting images for bullets. The software has a bullet formatting button on the editor. It should work correctly. I should note that the author of  ultimate ebook creator released an update after I mentioned the bullet problem but it remains unfixed.

Also, bullet formatting in Ultimate Ebook Creator is hit or miss. Sometimes it appears indented, sometimes it doesn’t.

When pasting from Word, Ultimate Ebook Creator pastes all the various styles, fonts and inconsistencies that exist in the original Word document. I ended up with a Frankenstein book with Arial here, Verdana there, etc. The Ultimate Ebook Creator software was unable to overwrite the styles with the built-in editor, either. The author recommends copying/pasting from Word to Notepad to Ultimate Ebook Creator. That would technically work, but any prior formatting work that was performed in Word is completely lost. This leads to a lot of manual work reformatting the text from scratch. I feel Ultimate Ebook Creator text import abilities need to be improved dramatically.

What happens if the server goes offline or the product becomes abandoned? Do you lose access to all those ebooks you typed up in their proprietary .uec files? I don’t know the answer to that. I understand software must be licensed, but I don’t believe a perpetual start-up license check is necessary.

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