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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Rules for "Angry Birds"

The rules for the three "Angry Birds" games serve its simple goals: destroy enemies before running out of birds. Those objectives are difficult, however. The settings and enemies for the three "Angry Birds" games -- "Angry Birds," "Angry Birds Seasons" and "Angry Birds Rio" -- are slightly different, but the game play and methods are the same.

"Angry Birds" provides the challenge of destroying green pigs on each level before running out of ammunition (birds). The setting for the game goes like this: Green pigs have infiltrated the bird kingdom and have stolen the birds' eggs, motivating them to seek revenge on the pigs. Using a variety of birds, each of which has special destructive powers, your goal is to launch the birds at fortifications that house the thieving pigs with the intent of destroying them. This is done by tapping on the bird in the launcher, swiping your finger to the left, and then launching the bird toward the fortress by removing your finger from the screen. You do this to launch the birds toward the fortress. If all works as you want it to, your weapons will cause damage that eventually leads to the pigs' downfall. Each of the game's 270 levels gives you varying amounts of birds to destroy the pigs on that level. The game is designed to give players physics-based challenges that involve skill, logic and brute bird force to destroy the green pigs. If you do not destroy all the pigs on a given level, the level ends and you're given the option of replaying the level. While you can find cheats and hints to help you progress through the game, the game's rules cannot be broken.

In "Angry Birds Seasons," the pigs have stolen the birds' eggs again, upsetting the feathered creatures like in the first game. This time, however, the birds' path to revenge takes them from a sunny summer beach setting through a variety of holiday and seasonal settings, including Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. The same birds from "Angry Birds Free" are your tools this time around, and the goal is the same. If you fail, you're given the option of replaying the level.

Based on the movie "Rio," "Angry Birds Rio" once again involves the feathered protagonists of the first incarnations of the franchise. This time, however, they are the victims of a kidnapping that takes them to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Following a courageous escape from their captors using their special powers, the birds set out to rescue their new-found friends Jewel and Blu, a pair of rare macaws from the movie. Instead of destroying pigs, you're out to destroy monkeys and free caged birds from the game's various levels. If you fail to free all the caged birds, destroy the monkeys or both, using the birds at your disposal, the level ends. Don't forget you can try again, though.

The birds used in the "Angry Birds" games come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, white and black, each possessing unique destructive skills. The black birds, for instance, not only look like bombs, but act as them after they land near the fortress you're trying to destroy. White birds, on the other hand, are large creatures that drop egg bombs and bounce into walls as they wreak havoc on the enemy and are effective in releasing the Brazilian birds.

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