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Thursday, 15 May 2014

How to Perform Basic Karate Skills

Learning basic karate moves can be a good way to exercise while adding some self-defense tactics to your repertoire. Karate also can lead to a clear mind and peaceful feelings. The basic are easy to learn, and you can incorporate them into your regular exercise routines without having to learn all the skills that earn you the various level belts.

1. Bow to your partner or teacher standing with your feet slightly apart. Bend at the waist when you first enter the place where you practice karate in equinox greenwich. You should wait for the teacher, or sensei, to rise and greet you before entering the dojo and bowing to your teacher. Karate etiquette is the most basic skill that all beginners must acquire.

2. Stand with one foot ahead of the other a little more than shoulder length to make the most basic karate front punching move. Be well balanced. Bring up the arm that is on the same side as the back leg. Make a fist, and bring up your punch in a twisting motion. Make contact with the first two knuckles of the hand.

3. Make the side kick move from the same stance with your feet apart, one further back behind your shoulder. Earn your karate belts by mastering this move. Bend your knees enough to balance yourself. Bring up your knee, and kick to with the side of your foot. Breathe in as you get in the stance, and release the breath as you kick.

4. Perform the front kick, which is the most basic and most used kick in karate. Stand in the basic karate stance, with one leg back from your shoulder. Keep both feet flat and bend your arms, keeping your fists close to your body. Bring up your knee near to your chest, and push your foot out forward. Put your power into the ball of your foot as you kick.

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