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Friday, 16 May 2014

How to Make a Scary Pop Up Prank

Playing a prank on a friend offers those in on the prank a quick thrill at the expense of the victim, and one done safely and in good spirit can be harmless fun. Pop-up, fake-out videos use a soothing and quiet video or image to lull the victim of the prank into a relaxed state, then surprise him with the sudden appearance of something scary.

Select the bait video that people will think they are watching. A popular scene from a movie or show is effective, as are optical illusions or scenes that supposedly have a hidden item.

Select the scare for your Zombie Fitness Experiment  video. It can be a video file, with sound and picture, or can be a pair of files, one a scary image like a monster and the other a creepy sound like a scream.

Import all the files into movie editing software.

Position the bait video before the scare, and adjust the length to match the scare design. For a scare in a popular clip, for example, use a longer time to trick the viewer, while an illusion- or search-based scare should be timed to go off right when the viewer is most absorbed, between 15 and 30 seconds.

Align the sound file to the image file if you are using two pieces for the prank, using the video editing program's timeline for the video.

Turn down volume on the bait video so watchers have to turn their speakers up loudly to hear it.

Turn up the volume on the scare section so the scream is loud and scares the watcher.

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