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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to Buy Songs on iTunes With a Gift Card

An iTunes gift card gives you funds to with which you can download new music to add to your iPod or iPhone. Redeeming the card is quick and easy. You'll be listening to new tunes within minutes.

Apple, Inc. sells iTunes gift cards with a variety of credit amounts. Customers can purchase the cards online or at a variety of stores. The gift card recipient must add the gift card to his iTunes account before he can start downloading music.

Locate the number on the back of your free itunes gift card. You might need to scratch off the silver film to reveal it. Open the iTunes application on your computer. Click on "iTunes Store" and log in. Click "Redeem" on the upper right side of your iTunes screen (under the header "Quick Links") and enter the 16-digit code. Click "Redeem" to add the funds to your account. You may now purchase music using the gift card balance.

Every time you purchase a song, iTunes will deduct the cost from the available credit. You will need to use a credit card if your iTunes purchase exceeds the amount of the gift card balance.

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