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Monday, 19 May 2014

Blog Commenting to generate traffic

There are so many things to consider in Internet marketing but one of the major ones is traffic, without which it is not possible to make money. It is possible to generate traffic in a number of ways.

In order to be successful, it is advisable not to rely on any one strategy. Many marketers have realised this when google changed the rules and they found themselves to going from the 1st page for their keywords to almost nowhere.

1. Search engine optimisation-it is possible to get to the top of the search engines, but it can take some time, and it needs a lot of expertise.

2. Paid traffic this can be very expensive.

What we are considering here are ways to Generate free traffic by blog commenting.

For all these methods there are tools available which will automate the processes, however it is recommended to do these tasks manually to understand the processes.

Blog Commenting

This can be very productive and yet quite easy.

You may have your own blog on which you will have postings and visitors will be invited to comment. If you approve the comment, then they will have a link back to your site to their own site.

This is what we are going to do,i.e. place comments on other people’s blogs in the hope that they will be approved, thus giving you a link back to your own site.

However for the backlink to be recognised as a worthwhile backlink, it should be in a similar sector and it should have a reasonable page rank.

Looking at the sector first if, for example, your blog is related to weight loss, then you want the backlinks to be relevant to weight loss. The search engines will not consider a backlink from a photography site to be relevant.

In blog commenting we need to consider the following 3 factors:

1. As stated above, the site you are visiting must be relevant to your site. For example, if your blog relates to Internet marketing, you can

look at search engine optimisation, article marketing, backlinking, etc.

In which case, go to the search engine and type:

Article marketing + blogs or

Article marketing + powered by WordPress

You will then find lots of blogs where you can place comments.

2. For the link to be worthwhile, the site must have a reasonable page rank.You may not get links from sites with page ranks of 8 or 9,so go for sites with page rank between 3 and 6.

There is an easy way to find the page rank of any site with a free piece of software called SEOquake.

This is a piece of software, which loads onto your browser so that when you retrieve the site you will see the page rank.

There is a lot more information including the alexa ranking, where the visitors come from and the number of backlinks.

All of this data will help you to decide whether you want a back link from this site.

3. The final factor is the comment.

This will need to be approved by the site owner, so it needs to be meaningful. Do not write something as easy as “great blog” as you will not be approved.

Read the article and make a meaningful comment, which will give you a good chance of the comment being approved.

Make sure that you include your URL so that you can get a link back.

You really don’t need to spend too long on this as backlinks from a few high ranking sites will be very beneficial.

However if you find this rather repetitive it is possible to make life easier with some free software.

Just enter “free blog commenting software” into the search engine and take your pick.

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