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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Gold Plates Picasso Made

Most people don’t know that Picasso made a series of 19 gold plates. He also made some gold medallions and a couple of gold sculptures. These works were done in collaboration with famed goldsmith Francois Hugo (who was a grandson of ” Les Miserables ” author, Victor Hugo). The plates were solid 23 carat gold, making them very valuable just for their gold alone. When you consider that these plates were made by Pablo Picasso, their value goes up distinctively more.

Anything by Picasso is always highly in demand among art collectors. However, these rare gold plates Picasso made are so rare that when they are seen at auctions (which is very infrequently), they command extraordinary prices. It’s hard to get a gold plate made by Picasso, and those with the means are willing to pay for the privilege of owning one.

Of the 19 gold plates Picasso made, some have never been to auction. They have been in the hands of private collectors all of these years, and it is rare that anyone but those in the collector’s closed circle are allowed to see them. One recent sale of one of the Picasso Gold Plate made was last year, when his Visage Tourmentmente, which is a large plate in solid gold, went up for sale at. This plate weighs more than 2.5 kilograms and is crafted from 23 carat gold. The owner who sold it at for a nice six-figure sum purchased it directly from Francois Hugo in the 1970s, and it had not been seen again in public until last year’s auction.

Picasso and Francois Hugo began working together in 1956, and their collaboration on gold plates lasted 10 years. They remained friends for the rest of Picasso’s life. In addition to the gold plates Picasso made with Hugo, the two men also made some stunning jewelry pieces, medallions, and two gold sculptures of centaurs.

While the existence of the “plats Picasso” (meaning gold plate Picasso in French, as Picasso lived most of his adult life in France) has been known for some time, the jewelry he made is a more recent discovery. Surrealist painter Dora Maar was Picasso’s lover for a while, and when she died, her estate was found to contain many pieces of jewelry Picasso had made just for her when they were together. The public had never known about or seen this jewelry, as Maar had kept it secret only to herself. This was probably done because the jewelry had a lot of sentimental value to her, and she did not want to share that intimate part of their relationship with the public.

Picasso’s jewelry work has been said to be crude in nature, but intimate in presentation. His love for Maar is obvious in the work, which includes rings, brooches, and amulets. The jewelry was sold at auction, and was so popular among art collectors that each individual piece went for between $50,000 and $100,000 each.

Though the Maar jewelry was done apparently on his own, Picasso began to make a limited line of jewelry with Hugo’s collaboration in the 1960′s. Picasso was known for experimenting in different mediums, and jewelry was something he played with for a while. It was during this time that he and Hugo also made the gold plate Picasso collection. Like the Maar jewelry, the plats Picasso are little known and very rare. This makes them highly collectible in the art world. While not all of the gold plates Picasso made have been seen by the public yet, it is virtually certain that they eventually will.

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