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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How to Place a Search Box in a WordPress Theme

WordPress provides template tags---built-in PHP functions meant for use in a theme's template files---that allow theme developers to add functionality to any page. You can add a search box by placing the template tag get_search_form () in a template file of your choosing. Each template file represents a part of your Download Themeforest WordPress Themes, or the overall look and feel of your WordPress website. More experienced HTML programmers can then create a searchform. php template file to edit the search box to their liking.

1. Visit the wp-admin sub-directory of your WordPress website and log into the Dashboard. Navigate to "Appearance" and click the "Editor" link to load the "Edit Themes" screen.

2. Locate the template file you want to edit in the list under "Templates" and click its link. Each template file controls a certain page type or a part of the overall theme, such as the sidebar or the header. File names for templates relate to their function within the theme, so editing footer.php, for example, will change the footer.

3. Place the following code into the file where you want the search box to appear.

Save the updated template file. The search box will now appear in your theme on the pages controlled by the template you edited.

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