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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Make Your Own Rave Clothes

Rave clothes are known for being bright and colorful, which is a reflection of the rave scene. You do not have to break the bank making rave clothing store. In fact, you can create stylish rave looks with items you already have in your wardrobe by adding accessories and trimmings. With a little creativity and basic sewing skills, you can be a pinnacle of rave fashion for a cheap price.

1. Cut your jeans between 24 and 36 inches along the outside seam. Using your colorful fabric, sew a strip of this fabric into the cut of the jeans in order to make bell bottom jeans. If you prefer, you can also cut your jeans into very short jean shorts and line the inside with your colorful fabric. Bright colors are best because you want to pop in the dark club. The point here is to create an exaggerated look so that the more fabric you add to the seam the more appropriate you will be for the rave scene.

2. Cut two strips of the fur trim and hot glue this around your tall boots. Make sure you utilize fabric glue that will hold the fur trim in place. You may choose to line the bulk of the boot with the fur fabric. Let the boots fully dry before trying to wear them. Snow boots are well suited for this because the slick fabric will adhere nicely to the fabric glue.

3. Draw an abstract design on your black tank top by using your fabric glitter pen. You can write your name or simply make abstract marks, but it should be bold and in a glittery color that will stand out in a dark club. Match or complement your fabric glitter color with the fabric trim that you placed on your jeans. You may also use more than one color on the tank top to create more visual interest.

4. Color in the inside ears of a cat ear headband or dip the headband in bright paint in order to create a more colorful presentation. You may want to use high quality glitter paint so that you can wear your headband more than once. The point is to create a whimsical look that defies conventional club clothing standards.

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