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Monday, 7 April 2014

How to Make Money Building Storage Buildings

Setting up a business to sell storage buildings requires patience in the beginning. Constructing the buildings, advertising them and delivering each one will take detailed planning. Finding a niche in your local area will be very important. You might sell special-order buildings to homeowners in upscale neighborhoods, for example. Or, you might prefer to build very basic buildings to sell in three different sizes. Do some research to find out what styles are popular in your area.

1. Survey potential customers. Find out their specific needs and what they desire in a lowes storage buildings. Offer to build unique designs or special sizes, or offer to create a building from alternative materials. Ask each person what price range they would consider reasonable. Devise a standard building plan for 9-by-12-foot buildings or larger, for example, based on your survey. Create drawings of features that you can add, such as window boxes or decorative scallops on roof overhangs.

2. Build a basic building, to get started, on a given budget. Make a simple flier about your building business, but count on word-of-mouth advertising as time goes on. Offer to paint buildings a specific color in the fliers. Make it clear that you can add unique features to each building. Include a photo scan of your basic building in marketing materials, and list your phone number prominently. Engage local customers in your neighborhood at first to save on delivery costs.

3. Create a good financial plan from all perspectives. Develop a pricing structure to allow approximately $700 profit from each of five buildings every month, for example. Sell each building with zero-interest payments to people in your immediate neighborhood. Offer a payment schedule of $100 for 18 months, for example. Include a rent-to-own program whereby a building can be leased for just three or four months, if desired. Keep in mind that businesses might desire to lease a building on a temporary basis, so create one or two plain buildings for just this purpose.

4. Engage resellers for fund-raisers. Offer to pay $200 for every building sold by members of a civic club, for example. Help them create a fund-raising program by selling your buildings. Invite one or two friends to work part-time for you by taking orders for buildings as well. Create a simple portfolio of buildings you've constructed, as time goes on, on your computer. Get the portfolio booklet bound at a local print shop to give to resellers of your product. Include testimonials from satisfied customers.

5. Look for ways to buy materials in bulk. Purchase plywood, particle board or asphalt shingles for 10 buildings at a time, so the delivery price of building materials is cheaper. Investigate lumber yards and wholesale companies to find the best prices on materials in your region. Talk with lumber mills and wholesale companies located some distance from you. Figure out a way to order materials at the lowest price, so the profit margin is higher for every building.

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