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Saturday, 5 April 2014

How to File a Cell Phone Insurance Claim

If you drop your cell phone in the lake or send it through the wash cycle in your pocket, you'll be glad you purchased cell phone insurance. Insurance policies will help you replace the phone, often by next-day delivery, in exchange for a deductible. The policy must be purchased when the phone is new.

1. Determine the age of your phone by looking up the original paperwork from when you signed on, or by consulting your phone service carrier's website. If your phone is less than one year old, it might still be under warranty. However, losing or damaging the phone probably voids the warranty.

2. Figure out who your cell phone insurance carrier is by checking your cell phone service provider's website, calling a customer service representative or visiting a local office location.

3. Contact the insurance carrier to file the phone claim, either by phone or online. Your cell phone service provider cannot file the claim for you.

4. Be prepared to give the insurance carrier a major credit card number to cover the deductible.

5. Have the phone delivered to an address where someone will be home during the day to sign for it. Most insurance companies will not leave a new cell phone in your mailbox.

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