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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to Explain Safe Sex

As a parent, you know that you will have to sit down with your teenager and talk to him or her about practicing safe sex. It is important to have teenagers understand the importance of safe sex, especially with the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies. It may be a bit of an uncomfortable and awkward topic, however, the knowledge that you provide your son or daughter can help decrease the chance that they will engage in unprotected sexual activity.

1. Keep the atmosphere casual when you bring up the topic of Safe Sex Education. Make sure to limit interruptions to have your teen's undivided attention. Turn off televisions, game systems, radios, computers and cell phones so neither of you are distracted. You don't want your teen to think you handing down an punishment or about to give a lengthy lecture, as they may be less prone to listen to or understand your message.

2. Explain to your teen that you are bringing this conversation up because you are concerned parent and want to do all that you can to help them be safe in different situations, including sexual activity. Have them realize that you know that one day they will eventually have feelings for someone and may want to take the relationship further. Also explain that it may be beneficial to abstain from sex in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. If your teen has already begun a sexual relationship with someone, you will need to speak to him or her about contraceptive measures and protection.

3. Ask your teen to be open with you and tell you if any safe sex practices are not being used. It may be an uncomfortable topic for your teen. Let him or her know that the conversation is an open talk and you are not going to judge or lecture. Be calm no matter what your teen tells you. Do not interrupt when they are speaking and listen to what your teen has to say. Don't yell, but voice your concerns if you do not agree with everything that is said. Explain that having sex is a serious matter and the consequences of unsafe sexual practices may prevent your teen from achieving certain goals, especially if an unwanted pregnancy occurs.

4. Help your teen obtain necessary items for practicing safe sex. This means that if you have a daughter, you may need to take her to the gynecologist to obtain birth control and have her have annual check-ups each year. See if there are pamphlets that the gynecologist may have and go over them with your daughter. These pamphlets may educate both of you on sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV and chlamydia. If you have a son, take him to purchase condoms, and also take him to a doctor to check and see if he is disease-free. HPV is not detectable in boys, so you will not know if he has it. If your teen doesn't agree with abstaining from sex, then it is better to prepare them for safe sex.

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