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Friday, 25 April 2014

How to Bet at Blackjack

I'm not saying I can teach you how to win. Gambling is a combination of luck, knowing the game, and in my opinion-and most importantly-knowing how to bet (managing your money).

I'm a horse trainer's daughter. I grew up at the racetrack gambling at a very young age. I first played craps during a two-week stay at Caesar's in Las Vegas. Now I have many fantasies and callings, but being a professional gambler is something I would love to do (in another life). I truly enjoy it and have won a significant amount of money in my life-the high of winning for me is greater than the low of losing (very key for you to determine)-and I always maintain my cool and consistency. I'm not one of those people constantly counting my chips, betting $25 on one hand, 100 on the next, then down to 5. Like everything, there needs to be system-systems are my strength.

1. Decide how much you are willing to lose during a certain period of time. It may be that you are away for a week and will be gambling every night, so determine a nightly cap. If one night you win, then you are playing with their money, so the cap may raise. If you do win, try to put something small aside so you feel like you got them. Now if you have a gambling mentality, whatever that set limit was, double it. You will be dipping into your wallet chasing your bet if down. If that number is something you cant afford, then half your original limit.

2. Decide your minimum bet and try to stick to that.

3. Press your bet. You will never really win if you keep betting the same amount. This is the step that allowed me to win several times. If you win a hand, bet the original bet and the winnings (parlaying). If you win again, bet the whole lot. If you win again, take off your original bet and play what's left. If you lose, always go back to your original bet365 bookmaker. Superstition may play a part and I believe in that. If a new dealer appears, I reduce my bet back down. I do the same with a new shoe of cards, a new player or if the wind blows the wrong way. Superstitions are a personal thing.

4. Make sure you know the proper rules and that you play the cards and not the money. Don't get scared and not hit a 16 because you have parlayed two hands into this one; you will likely get a 10 and bust, but "scared money" never wins.

5. If you have the opportunity and it's the right move, then split cards and double down when sensible. If the dealer has a bad hand and you have the opportunity to make money, the more money the better. So many times we have terrible hands and just have to wait for the pain, so when given the chance to make more money with a shot, you should take it.

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