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Monday, 17 March 2014

Real Ways to Make Money Online

Finding real ways to make money online is important because many scams exist that might end up costing you money instead of paying you. Making money online is an ideal entrepreneurial option for people who have major family commitments. Another benefit to making money online is that none of your money goes toward gasoline, work clothes and other work-related expenses. Every penny you make is profit from your online endeavors.

Several websites have services for freelancers. According to Entrepreneur article "Online Freelance Marketplaces," 110 freelance websites existed in 2005. The websites let you upload your resumes and portfolios. Your portfolio can include videos that you have shot and edited, for instance. You can search for positions that are in technology, creative arts and business. There are video editing, technical writing and computer programming positions. The positions typically provide you with a project to work on at home that you send back to the client. For instance, you might get together a proposal, time line and suggested pay rate to submit to a client. The client accepts your bid and gives you additional information about their project. You get their information together, turn it into whatever they need and send it back to them. You typically get paid through an escrow service, which means that the client deposits money into an account to show you that they are serious before you begin working.

Skills you might need depend on the type of freelancing you are pursuing. Writers should have strong writing samples that preferably have been published. They should understand grammar and have strong research skills. Videographers should have examples of videos that they have made and should have strong skills in current video editing software applications.

Some job recruiting websites allow you to refer friends to jobs and get paid for it. Signing up for the websites entails providing the companies with your contact information and the skills of your friends before they begin searching for positions. You should list their important skills, including software abilities. You typically work as an independent consultant referring friends for an income. Some websites are quite lucrative and pay $100 to $1,000 for each person you refer who gets the job. Referring friends is ideal in a difficult economic climate because your friends are trying to make ends meet too. You can get leads about jobs sent directly to your e-mail, which might give you a competitive edge against other people referring friends. Job referrals are time sensitive because employers want to find people quickly. You need to be on top of your game filling out the referrals to get your job seeker a position.

Being a virtual assistant is an ideal career if you can dedicate long work hours to an online job. The position might entail marketing yourself to get positions; you must be a professional, hard worker. Starting up your business can take time and effort to create a demand for your work. While you might work at home to be near your family, this position may demand that you work holidays and weekends to complete your projects. The benefit is that you can have full time, at home work with an income. According to Entrepreneur's "Starting a Virtual Assistant Business" article, the average American full time virtual assistant made $100.000. Earning an income from virtual assistant work depends on what skills you offer. The skills you need include knowing how to work online communication devices (email and instant messenger) to get instructions. The services you provide can include basic secretarial duties, graphic design, marketing, information technology and translation.

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