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Sunday, 16 March 2014

About Scarves

Scarves are garments made of warm and decorative fabrics. They are often worn around the neck for warmth during cold, rainy, dusty or other types of inclement weather. They can also often be worn for more fashionable motives by style-minded people, even if the weather does not particularly require extra warmth or protection from the elements. Along with these elective reasons, in some cultures scarves are worn for religious and cultural reasons.

There are many benefits to using a scarf. If it is cold out, wearing a scarf around your neck is a great way to get extra warmth. You can also use scarves to portray a personal style look, as scarves can be made of different colors and materials to coordinate with articles in your wardrobe. You can even fold scarves in different ways to give a new look to a regular scarf.

Scarves can be made of different materials and fabrics. Scarves for women can also be created in many different ways, including knitting, sewing and crocheting. The most common type of scarf is knitted with a type of animal-hair yarn, such as wool or cashmere, or a synthetic equivalent to this type of fabric. These types of scarves are especially useful for cold weather because they can help insulate from the heat. They can also be dyed in an endless amount of colors to match the wearer's attire.

Scarves range in size from very long or wide models, to small thin types of scarves often known as "neckerchiefs" or "ascots." Traditional scarves when unraveled can stretch to 5 feet or more, ranging in thickness from 6 to 8 inches. A smaller scarf of the neckerchief variety can be as small as a regular bandana or head scarf. Depending on how they are worn and how many time a wearer chooses to wrap the scarf around her body, the length of the scarf can be cut in half or even into thirds.

As far as everyday use is concerned by the majority of cultures, scarves are significant for their fashionable and protective uses. In other uses, the significance of scarves lies in their religious importance. Muslim women wear a scarf, known as a hijab, over their heads. They are required to wear this scarf to promote modest dress. There are also many religious significances in holy texts which reference the wearing of the hijab.

Ultimately, the function of the scarf is for practicality as well as function. When worn around the next, they can keep the wearer warm and protected from inclement weather. When worn around the shoulders, they can serve to keep the shoulders warm as well as be a fashion statement. When worn as a hijab in Islamic culture, they can serve a religious function. The number of reasons to wear a scarf are as numerous as the types of scarves available to the wearer and the ways they can wear them.

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