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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Top Highest Paying Keywords for Google Adsense

Many online publishers and webmasters depend mainly on Google Adsense for generating online revenue for their websites. Even though many publishers and content owners have other sources of income for their online platforms, but they primarily depend on Google adsense high paying keywords as it is one of the best paying contextual ad networks on the web. But the downside is that they have very strict rules and regulations and they must be followed by all means if you want to continue using their services. If you violate any of their policies, you might get banned from Google Adsense for lifetime. Even though you can still appeal for reinstatement of your banned account, but it is a lengthy process and you need to provide solid facts/proofs for them to consider your claim. So I highly recommend you not to use illegal and disapproved means to gain traffic and clicks as they would not last for long, and you will eventually get caught. Once you are banned you will not be able to open any new account for lifetime.

There are a number of tips and tricks which you can follow in order to increase your revenue from Google Adsense and generate the best possible income.Here I have shared a few of them. Do have a look -

• First and foremost, be sure that you know all the terms and policies of Google Adsense and follow them to the letter. Google is very strict when it comes to protecting their advertisers from inflated costs and if you play tricks with them, they would not be happy and will ban you for lifetime.

• After you have looked at their terms and conditions, you can modify and play around with the placement of your ads in the webpage, and also the type and nature of the ads displayed (text ads, image ads, moving picture ads/GIFs, ads with flash and video ads etc.) You can change the type as well as the size of the ads and can fit them in different areas of the website for the convenience of the visitors/users and generate more clicks. Using such techniques you can increase your click through ratio (CTR), which will ultimately increase your income from Adsense.

• The type or category of ads displayed on your website might play a significant role in determining the amount of income/revenue that you generate from Adsense. Google Adsense shows ads based on the content on your site and the bids provided by their online advertisers. The higher the bid, the higher will be the payout per click and the cost per click (CPC) will rise accordingly.

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